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Schools in the villages (School Enreachment Program)

Do we know how many villages or places in India do not have access or reachability to good school in India?

Many times we see that people move to big city for probable reasons like not enough career opportunities, no good school or no school at all.

We have designed the discussion for the definition of best school above that will ultimately take care of “No Good School” scenario. But “No school” at all is a genuine reason.

Let us address this issue collectively.

We appeal everyone to identify the villages or areas in their native district, who do not have access to school at all. Please go to your native district section of this TownSol platform and discuss in the District Forum to see if every inch of your district land has reachability to BEST school. District natives can make a list of such areas/villages on their district forum.  If villages are in remote places and scattered then identify a central place for all the villages so that a bus ride for 20 -25 miles radius can cover all such villages. (Big city schools have school bus system then why not villages?) How to support these school buses financially will be topic on the district forum.

Also, you can discuss and work together in the respective District Forum to make every school in your native district to be the Best School based on the criteria provided by all Indians on this platform or elsewhere.

We can discuss following on the respective District Forum

  1. What are the issues involved in developing school in a particular area?
  2. What are different alternatives/options available for funding the plan.
  3. Why district government has not established school in the area?
  4. What kind of support local people can provide?
  5. And so on and so forth


Let all Indians in India and around the world work together to make sure that EVERY INCH OF INDIAN LAND has reachability to BEST SCHOOL  The ultimate effect of district level efforts will result into  one hundred percent not only literate but BEST literate INDIA…..a world leader  INDIA.

The promoters of TownSol Platform want to pursue School Enreachment program to 100% success. We do not know how many inches of Indian land does not have reachability to good school so residents of the district can provide all the information about their need of schools and TownSol team will approach Indian community members from all over the world to fulfill the need.

Please comment, share your thoughts about the “School Reachability” program.

All district’s success will collectively make India as 100% literate nation in the world and at the same time, this success will set an example for other nations to follow !

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