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How can we make every inch of agricultural land profitable in my district?

It is very commonly perceived and talked about, everywhere in India that farming is not profitable activity. This may be true but we need to find good solution to this severe perception.

So let us not worry about entire India but just FOCUS on our hometown district to address local farming issues and ultimately, make farming in my district as a successful and lucrative business activity.

Every district has peculiar type of farming land and climatic condition which suits to only certain type of crops and produce and this suitability is very well known to the local farmers. The only thing is that this farming is being done with conventional method and process. So we need to study and see what kind of change in the trend will make the difference in profitability.

Few local youngsters can come together and develop a model, implement and make it successful. Then copy the same in other parts of the district. The intellectual and professional community from my district, which is spread across the globe can contribute their thoughts to this model development based on their experience and professional intelligence.   

I am confident that if we all put together our thoughts and intelligence then my district may become role model but more than that, will bring big smile on every farmer’s face.

Here are few things that I would like to begin the discussion with and later, if anyone else has better addition then we can discuss on that too

  1. Let us first understand why farming in my district is not profitable?
  2. Is it not profitable for conventional crops and produce? if yes then why ?
  3. Has anyone tried advanced technology and methods to do farming?
  4. If you have small piece of land then should we try to work on group farming concept. Should we encourage young population of my district to promote and support group farming? Will small farmer benefit from group farming?
  5. Is there any better way of marketing farm products to get better rate?
  6. Is there any way to reduce the cost of farming?
  7. Are there any proven processes elsewhere in the district or nation that can be copied in my district?
  8. Is anyone doing research on my district productivity of farm products and has been successful to develop list of crops which can make farming profitable in my district, If not then can anyone do this research for my district.
  9. What are the different options to use farm machines even if you have small piece of land
  10. Should we experiment unconventional crops in my district?
  11. What unconventional commercial or food process industry can be developed in my district?
  12. How can we prove that even few gunthas of land in my district can help support one family?
  13. What are Govt. schemes available in my district which will enhance the profitability of agricultural produce.  
  14. Should we motivate youngsters and promote farming equipment and machinery rental business in my district which may help small farmers. Will that be economical?
  15. Do we have any highly educated agriculturist locally to guide my district farmers?


So JUST THINK and be part of agricultural revolution in my district!

Share your thoughts ………….

Make every inch of farm land of my district as an profitable asset.

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