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Unconventional Business Opportunities

India is growing very fast to the extent that changing at every minute. As a result of which there are lot of unconventional business opportunities being made available but are still not known to conventional business community. Also with the ease of information flow due to internet and other media, we now have access to all the happenings in every county of the world. This may provide us food for thought to generate unconventional business opportunity at local level and then spread all across India. 

So let all of us work together on it and see if we can provide any such opportunity to our fellow citizens of India.

Unconventional Business Opportunities of India
Death Management

India has very varied cultures  which keeps changing from district to district.  But with fast changing India , lot of better career opportunists are available in various parts of India.  

So People move of their home town in pursue of better career opportunities.

At the same time, they do not want to forgo their local culture. You can that way enjoy your local culture to certain extent at the place where ever you are, but death is something that not enjoyable event and hence nobody thinks about it. And one keeps running around to know the rituals or customs to perform death  process. So one can convert this gap into a bushiness opportunity. 

There is another reason which is global in nature. A person who does not have any children still wants to have all customs performed as part of his/her death process

Sometimes, one has children but still do not want to burden family members with the expenses of death process.

There are still many gaps in this sector which will encourage to start a business called Death Management.

This concept has been provided by Vikas Baodhankar -

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