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About Assam

One of the most beautiful and charming state of the seven sisters in the North - eastern part of India is Assam. Assam has a land area of 30,285 square miles. It shares its geographical boundary nationally with the six other states of the seven sisters and international boundary with Bangladesh and Bhutan. Assam has a rich cultural heritage and is known widely for its world famous tea and excellent Assam silk. Assam also has rich biodiversity and is the home for one horned Indian Rhinoceros. Assam was one of the first states in India where petroleum was first discovered.

There are 27 districts in Assam with Guwahati being one of the largest city in this state. Guwahati is also one of the largest growing 100 cities in the world. In fact for all the north eastern states of India, Guwahati is an important city. The area of Assam makes it the 16th largest state in India. Brahmaputra is the most important river of this state.

Assam is rich in natural resources like petroleum, natural gas, coal, limestone, magnetic quartzite, clay and feldspar. In spite of being rich in natural resources the economy of A.. Read More

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