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About Townsol

Mission of TownSol

  • Connect Indians All Over The World
  • Address Socio-Economic Issues Faced By the Indians
  • Appeal Indian Intellectuals To Suggest Possible Solutions
  • Help Each Other to Progress


Connect Indians All Over The World

Townsol - an innovative platform brings together all the Indians settled in India and diverse corners of the world. The platform through its pioneering initiatives endevours to connect every Indian back to his/her home town in every possible way. Today, millions of Indians have moved out of their home towns searching for better future in terms of education and career which can be summed as better prospects; many of them have started a new life in some big cities of India while some crossed the Indian borders also to make their fortune.

However, every person who moves away from home town always cherishes the memory of his/her home town and looks forward to connecting back to it whenever an opportunity arises. We feel instantly connected to a person belongs to our home town and speaks our mother tongue. This eternal and strong urge of humans to go back to the roots is the foundation of Townsol.

Many of us have earned exceptional knowledge, experience, recognition and rewards too at our respective Karma Bhumi (need a perfect word in Eng.this word is OK), in spite of this knowledge wealth, many of us have an unspoken desire to do something for our hometown. After spending so many years in an unfamiliar land, working hard over the years and then creating an identity for ourselves, we do wish for an appreciation and encouragement from our fellows, we want them to make them proud about our achievements, activities and performance. Features like Outstanding Indian Achiever In Your Current Town try to showcase the achievements of Indians all over the world and thus make the people back in your town aware about your extraordinary work.

Another important feature My Townmates around the World helps to find and connect you with the people belonging to your home town who have now settled in various cities across the world. With this feature, you would be able to get acquainted with people from your home town who are now living in your current town.  This bonding doesn’t let you miss your home town anymore and create a glimpse of it in your current place.

Help Each Other to Progress

Every one of us has an ability to help other Indian fellows in many ways - by sharing knowledge, offering advice, guiding through acquired skills, experience and so on. We are ready to share and assist, however, many times, don’t know where to start, whom to help and how to help. So, here is the platform that connects individuals possessing different sets of knowledge and skills with the individuals who are looking for opportunities. You can come forward and get connected with each other to make it a mutually satisfactory venture. The platform supports and has a special section for Charitable Organizations where they can showcase their work and interested individuals can contribute to them in their preferred manner.  The platform also comprises of very unique and well-thought initiatives like Come Home Business Opportunities, How Can I Help My City that bond you back to your city and give diverse options of jobs and business in case you are looking to move back to your home town.

Address Socio-Economic Issues Faced By Indians

Townsol has opened up the first platform for Indians where they can address various socio-economic issues they face in their day-to-day life. The difficulties faced at grass root level and in various areas ranging from pollution to health issues, education to lack of sanitization, child labour to corruption problem can be discussed here. Townsol has allotted a special section of each state in India and each district in every state. So, the users can come up and bring out the socio-economic problems they face in their locality. The sections like Issues in My City are dedicated to the grievances of people from each area, apart from that, sections like Change Government Process, Suggest New Project To Your City Government aim at giving you a stage to put forth your suggestions to government. After extensive discussions and thoughtful contributions from the respective specialists the suggestions would be submitted to their concerned authority in form of an appeal from the people of that particular area.

Townsol’s features like Best District Gov. Hero Officer, Best District Gov. Hero Officer, Best District Gov. Project, Best District Gov. Department let you choose and encourage the useful work done by the government. Apart from these, several other features allow you to talk about many aspects of your town including unexplored religious, historical places, upcoming artists, sports personalities and so on. Government at national and state level introduces several schemes in public interest, however, lack of public awareness prevent these schemes from reaching to the needy. Our sections like Gov. Schemes in Town, Gov. Jobs in City, Gov. Business Opportunities in City would list of the latest schemes and job opportunities declared by the government.

Appeal Indian Intellectuals To Suggest Possible Solutions

Practically all of us have some grievances about the socio-economic conditions in which we live, we face some problems, we deal with several small and big problems in our daily life and while facing them we do have some suggestions, recommendations and demands too. Townsol believes in being a pro-active entity which doesn’t stop at just discussing an issue; together, we want to go to the root cause of each problem and try to find out the best possible solution for it. A genius mind is active in each of us and here, we appeal all Indian intellectuals to come forward and share their ideas, experiences and suggestions on several socio-economic issues addressed through this platform.

The aim behind this appeal is to make use of the skills, techniques, knowledge, ideas and experience of these individuals who are equally enthusiastic to do some constructive work for the society. We request all our users to actively participate in the discussions and thus contribute their share to this initiative.

Please Note - Townsol addresses only socio-economic issues and strictly abstains from politically and religiously sensitive issues. The platform is only for information and discussion purpose.

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